Teen Marketing Tip

Undoubtedly, a segment that increasingly uses the Internet, practically owning certain social networks or apps (such as Instagram or Snapchat), are teenagers. However, approaching this sector, characterized by having a colorful and emotional mentality, is not easy as adults. We present some suggestions on how to reach this target audience if this is the case of your eCommerce or if you have an app aimed at this demographic.

Teen marketing tip #1: study your target market:

If you have an eCommerce or an app that you want to attract teenagers to, you must first know who it will attract the most. Will your site or app attract more women or men? Between what ages? Which languages ​​do they speak? Once you have this information, seek to know everything you can about your tastes, needs, ideas, ways of expressing yourself, etc.

Teen marketing tip # 2: use influencers

For the previous step, preferably, you should have used some type of market research that gives you more information about your target audience. With that information it will be easier to determine who can influence that target market. It is very possible that these influencers are not the ones that have other demographic groups. In fact, among teenagers the people who influence them could be YouTube, Twitter or Vine characters. In every market there are different influencers, so if your effort seeks to reach beyond the borders where your app or site is located, it is necessary to study who influences the segment that you want to reach according to each geographic sector.

Teen marketing tip # 3: get involved in their tastes

If you want to reach teenagers, you must know exactly what they like, think as if you were the client of your eCommerce or app, practically be your client. By knowing what is popular with this age group, you can start creating content and messages that contain everything you like, as well as creating campaigns on the social networks and apps that you use most.

Teen marketing tip # 4: listen to your target market

If after these efforts you are getting certain answers from the teenagers you want to reach, it is very important to listen to them to know how you can improve your eCommerce or app, as well as to inform them that you are effectively taking their opinion into account. If the young people you want to reach perceive that their opinion and ideas count and have certain actions on your part, that you genuinely seek to connect with them, you will undoubtedly get their attention, possibly achieving publicity.

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