Investing in a Business Opportunity

Investing in a business – writing the check – is the easy part. Making sense of your investment, however, takes time, resources and a well thought out plan. If you've decided to invest in a business opportunity, you’re likely becoming familiar with the process which can come with challenges and requires dedication and hard work to be successful.

Although your business will eventually earn you money, here are a few things you should know before investing in a business opportunity. [...]

9 Ways to Take Advantage of Summer Season

Summer is dotted with a lot of business-friendly holidays right from Memorial Day to Fourth of July and Back to School among many others. Marketers can think of a themed event, product launch, or special holiday sale to draw the attention of the audience... [...]

What's Your Focus for the New Year?

It’s that time again – time to write your new year’s resolutions. Resolutions always seem like a good idea, don’t they? After all, studies show that about half of all Americans make resolutions. The downside is that less than 10 percent of those who make them, actually keep them. Resolutions are different from goals. Goals have a time frame. Resolutions are a promise to make a change that lasts a lifetime... [...]

Digital Marketing at Christmas: Trends to communicate better and sell more

It may be that for this year you already have everything ready, or you need to complete some details. However, it doesn't hurt that you know some recommendations that can help you in your Christmas marketing campaign. For this reason, below you will see a series of tips that will surely be of great help, so take note... [...]

7 content strategies for virtual events

It is important that you learn to create content strategies for virtual events because, if 2020 has shown something positive, it is the relevance of technology at all levels. Although almost everyone is adjusting to the “new normal”, it is still not totally safe to do face-to-face meetings. [...]

Does Your Company Logo Evolve With Your Market?

A logo is perhaps the most important part of your company. It reflects your business purpose and is the face with which your company communicates with its audience. A good logo is clear, unique, and memorable.

Many companies change their logos over time, in an effort to reflect the changes that the business undergoes. Evolution is a process of change or development. It generally occurs when a new version of a product or service is better than the previous one. Others are known, but disappear due to being acquired or due to bankruptcy. [...]

Video marketing strategies for the real estate sector

Currently, real estate video marketing is a strong trend. With the advanced technology, the real estate market has seen a big change. And it is that professionals in this world have had to claim and implement new sales strategies.

Without a doubt, a good strategy is to use video marketing, since it has proven to be one of the best keys for you to achieve 100% effective sales. [...]

How to write captions that attract on social networks

Many people forget that content must be accompanied by captions that attract on social networks. This mainly applies to professional or commercial profiles. Think that users expect to find all the detailed information in the description. [...]

The QR code is experiencing a 'boom' due to the covid-19 pandemic

Although the technology of the QR code was already popular before the SARS-cov-2 appeared, with the arrival of the new coronavirus it has become more popular. QR codes connect two worlds: the physical and the digital and allow entering a mobile computer application. [...]

Strategies in Social Networks, their importance in digital marketing

There is no denying the importance that Social Networks have acquired as part of a Digital Marketing plan or strategy. Every day, it is more evident that users prefer to use Social Networks to share experiences with other Internet users about the products and services they have purchased. [...]

5 Ways Your Agency Can Improve the Client Experience

"Building strong client relationships is an integral strategy to improve your agency’s bottom line".

No matter how busy you get, however, you can't forget the most important aspect of your business -- your clients. Their needs must be met. The key is to create an experience that adds value to your clients. It’s about building real relationships. [...]

2020 digital marketing trends. Bet on technology!

The 2020 digital marketing trends are marked by the strong technological advances that are taking place in all fields, many of which will be a before and after in what we understand today as digital marketing. The changes in the consumer - as a consequence of the new technological offer - and the pattern that the younger generations, digital natives, have set, are also going to cause the Internet advertising scenario to undergo important changes.
Let's Begin! [...]

What are the great advantages of advertising on the Internet?

Absolutely all businesses that have a presence on the Internet - be they large or small, sell products or services, be very specific or very general - want the same thing: reach the greatest number of people by investing the least amount of resources and obtaining the most benefits possible. [...]